1997-2008 regular radio show "Madame Steckhans Kuriositätenkabinett"
on FSK 93,0 mHz
2003 participant at the "Venice revisited"-project at the Venice Biennale
2003 Agenda‘s meetings, in collaboration with Wimbledon School of Art,
Audio Arts and Tate Britain, London
2004 guest-lecture and visiting lecturer as a substitute for Professor Erhard Göttlicher
at the University of Applied Sciences,Hamburg (Illustrationdep.)

part of the „GoGo-Art-Performance“ with performance artist Inocencia Lista (Hamburg/Montevideo), e.g. at Dokumenta 11 and Westwerk, Hamburg,
with Passierzettel and Damo Suzuki (Japan)

2004-2006 member of the artistproject Elektrohaus, studiocomplex with galleryprogramme, artist in residence etc.
2006 project stay Addis Abeba, Äthiopien
2009 project stay Mexico City, Mexico
2011 founder of studiospace www.breitestrasse.com
2014 member of BBK-Hamburg
Other Projects/Activities