The IntenCities-Project of Adriane Steckhan

"The entirety is more than the sum of its fragments and cities are more than a structurized agglomeration of man and concret. But what remains when stripped of their body? Movement, traces of memories, phantoms?

This is what the IntenCities-installations of Adriane Steckhan appear to be. On her photographic images of cities at night details melt into amorph forms, colours burst open to glimmering structurs.The view seems to look beyond the surface. At the same time there is a strong movement on this surface. Not only things are moving, leaving traces of light and hyroglyphes in the night, the camera-eye aswell is moved by the city, moved by the acceleration of the underground-train, the shaking of busses or the rolling of harbour ferries. On the interface between the two levels of movement the images are happening, as if the artist steps behind something that appears to be like an urban "mental-photography". The cities depict theirselfes: open, flowing and ghostly.







Claus Friede, weltbekannt e.V.
Marianne Pitzen, Frauenmuseum Bonn

Ruth Sachse, Phototriennale Hamburg

Dr. phil. Thomas Piesbergen 1 2
Sara Sello, Kunsttreppe

Jesper Soerensen, Zeitblick

Dr. Uta Kuhl, Schleswig-Holsteinisches Landesmuseum, Schloß Gottorf 
Dr. phil. Thomas Piesbergen, "Mexico DF"