"What does the phenomenon of an "Urban Mentality" exactly mean? The "IntenCities"-Project consisting out of different "Urban-Skin"-installations deals with the question of perception-concepts and the determination of identity within urban contexts (...) the analogue photography forms the base of this work. Although they are not manipulated, they appear to be of unrealistic intensity of colour and brightness, nearly abstract and somehow painted. The blur, sometimes achieved by accident, adds the aspect of movement to the image. Favoured subject is the dynamic nightlife with it's agglomeration of different lights. There is a process of alienation, which is even intensified by the fragmented sequences. Adriane Steckhan transports a very subjective translated perception of urban mentality and at the same time foils the photographic image as a means of realistic representation."

(Galerie Ruth Sachse, press-release, Phototriennale Hamburg, 2005)



Claus Friede, weltbekannt e.V.
Marianne Pitzen, Frauenmuseum Bonn

Ruth Sachse, Phototriennale Hamburg

Dr. phil. Thomas Piesbergen 1 2
Sara Sello, Kunsttreppe

Jesper Soerensen, Zeitblick

Dr. Uta Kuhl, Schleswig-Holsteinisches Landesmuseum, Schloß Gottorf 
Dr. phil. Thomas Piesbergen, "Mexico DF"