"Steckhan interpretes her "Urban Skins" as metaphors for the processes of human reception and experience. Her current subject displayed in the works "Phantomstadt" (Phantom City) is the demolished Skam e.V., a former studio- and gallery-compound. Her works document the activ destruction of places by the hand of men, in the same instance the viewer is confronted with the prevailing cultural politics and city planning in Hamburg… the installation gains an additional dimension through its spatial dialogue with the castle: In the Lapidarium of Schloß Gottorf it is confronted with the fragments of a colossal statue of Hercules from the 17th century. The destructive consequences of the current policy are compared with the historical events of the decline of Gottorf. On that basis the work can be interpreted as an artistic examination of the general problem of identity… the act of destruction and its echo, and the problem of temporality and death."

(Dr. Uta Kuhl, Verwehte Orte, p.15, 2010)





Claus Friede, weltbekannt e.V.
Marianne Pitzen, Frauenmuseum Bonn

Ruth Sachse, Phototriennale Hamburg

Dr. phil. Thomas Piesbergen 1 2
Sara Sello, Kunsttreppe

Jesper Soerensen, Zeitblick

Dr. Uta Kuhl, Schleswig-Holsteinisches Landesmuseum, Schloß Gottorf 
Dr. phil. Thomas Piesbergen, "Mexico DF"